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Merced Speedway: Diaz v. Stone – The Fight for the IMCA SportMod Championship

By Mike Adaskaveg Merced Sun-Star Though the Bay Cities Racing Association has scheduled a one-time special event for Midget Lites Saturday night at Merced Speedway, the focus is upon the heated battle for the track’s SportMod championship. For Rick Diaz of Los Banos, his only chance at winning the International Motor Contest Association (IMCA) National …

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LEGENDS OF MERCED: Dennis Moomjean, Doug Henkle Honored

By Mike Adaskaveg Merced Sun-Star Dennis Moomjean is living history of the golden age of racing at Merced Speedway. He drove to more than100 main event wins when fields of cars numbered over 100 and only 24 qualified for the main event. He is the king of the extra long races – taking three NASCAR 150 …

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Battle for the Championship: Two Points Separate Ford and Chevy

By Mike Adaskaveg Merced Sun-Star   Don’t call the old racecars with big tires and wings atop their roofs “antiques”. Don’t dare call them “vintage” cars. Their drivers prefer their historic be known as “retro” racers – the kind of cars that raced hard in the 1970s at Merced Speedway, and are still being raced …

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